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How I Floss

Not shown is how to slightly curve the floss like a “C" on each tooth so you don’t “cheese-cut" or “garrote" your gums.

But that seems hard for most people to do. Most people just want to snap the floss up and down and move on to the next tooth.

So, I say, no matter what method of flossing you do, it makes sense to me to floss some toothpaste between each tooth, instead of just spreading your plaque from one tooth to the next.

And that’s another reason why I like interdental irrigators — because you can “flush" most of the crud out from between the teeth before you even floss.

Imagine oral hygiene as a sport or a hobby. Most people want to excel in their sport or hobby. Most people invest a lot of time and money in such endeavors to excel.

With the amount of misery that dental problems can create, why not invest in a little extra time, effort, training, supplies, and products to save you thousands of unnecessary $$ and pain that dental problems cause.

It’s pretty simple to Waterpik your dental plaque from between your teeth, then squish toothpaste, then floss the toothpaste, then brush away the residual. In this manner, studies have shown that by clearing out the crud between your teeth first, your toothpaste can actually work about 9x better than if you don’t clean the crud first.    

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