Below are reviews from our prior probiotic, Orchestra® Probiotic Lozenges that we sold in 2016 and 2017.

But we discontinued it in order to develop an oral strip because about 28% of people are fearful of intraoral lozenges and/or cannot swallow pills. 

As soon as we get Breathific™ on the market and have some reviews to share, we’ll post them here.

Here are some prior Orchestra® Dental Probiotics customer feedback*:

* Disclaimer: The following reviews are actual reviews; however, there’s no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.


Ms. Cerisano Review




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“This is the BEST product I have ever used. By the 3rd day I felt the difference of everything I was having issues with. I cannot believe that this dental probiotic seriously works like a miracle. And for 5 years I’ve had so many issues. My dentist gave me a mouthwash to use daily that did not take care of anything. My primary Dr. gave me 2 different prescriptions that I was having to take daily, yet it would help very little.”               Sincerely & Very Grateful, Blanca Fernandez — a real customer who gave me permission to publish a portion of her email to Dr. Steven J. Edwards and include her name.


“After just a few weeks my gums are less sensitive and don’t feel itchy any more.” Maria T., California — She is an actual dental patient of Steven J. Edwards, DDS and her results are documented in her dental chart.

“I don’t wake up with sweaters on my teeth any more. I don’t see any downside to the product. More people should know about it.” Bud K., California — Bud is an actual dental patient of Steven J. Edwards, DDS.

“When I use them at night, my teeth feel smooth and slick in the morning and most of the day. I like them.” Laurel E., California — Laurel is Dr. Steven J. Edwards’ mother!

“Fresher breath in the morning and most of the day, actually.” Robert L., Texas — Robert is a customer.


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