Late March 2020 is the New Breathific Launch Date

Many people are emailing me and asking when things will be ready.

We experienced a delay due to modifying the mint flavor. The mint was a bit too strong, so we are toning it down a bit. Since the strips can last as long as 8 hours while sleeping, the mint must be mild enough to be comfortable for that long.

See — Breathific is totally different from other oral-dissolving strips. That’s why it took almost 2 years to even find a manufacturer. Everyone wanted to make fast-dissolving, microscopically thin strips with “nuclear-powered” flavor for a massive burst and then it would be gone.

I wanted a thicker strip with a mild flavor that would be time-release. That turns out to be pretty hard to do. But with oral-dissolving strip expert, Dr. Norbert McMullen, Ph.D. Pharm at ODF NUTRA, working tirelessly, we are closing in on the goal.

Dr. McMullen will send me the third set of strip samples this week (2/18/2020 – 2/22/2020) and I will test them. Most likely they will be great and assuming so, we will shoot for production to start in late February or early March 2020. With the amount of other work it will take to get set up for packaging, warehousing, and distribution, I think we could launch by the end of March 2020.

Thank you for your patience.

Dr. Steve Edwards

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