Orchestra™ Dental Probiotic Lozenge coming 6/1/2016

We are excited to announce after more than a year of hard work that our new Orchestra™ adherent, time-release, Place-and-Forget™ dental probiotic lozenge will be available after June 1st, 2016.

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This is not your ordinary dental probiotic lozenge with just a few types of organisms…

Advantages over other dental probiotics:

  • First of all, each lozenge has been formulated to safely and discreetly last in the mouth from 3 to 8 hours.
  • placement 3
  • You can even use it while you sleep!
  • Each lozenge contains 10 strains of organisms specially selected for oral health and various oral niches: gums,teeth, tongue, tonsils, sinuses, throat, etc.
  • Because of the lozenge formulation, the probiotic organisms can actually rehydrate, adapt, survive, grow, colonize, and populate their specific niches instead of merely being swallowed within 15 minutes.
  • The lozenge also forms a spreadable film that can cover oral sores and wounds — especially useful after dental treatments, surgeries, canker sores, etc.
  • It’s useful for dry mouth syndrome.



Owner at RENUzORAL, LLC --
Owner at Steven J. Edwards, DDS Dental Corp, DBA Teeth for Life --
Inventor/Developer of Breathific Dental Probiotics
DDS Degree 1986 at University of Southern California --
BA Biology, 1981 at University of the Pacific --
AA Dental Laboratory Technology 1979 at Cuyahoga Community College

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