Breaking the Oral-Systemic Link (or One Way to Reduce Risk of Heart Problems)

Hi Everyone,

Dang, it’s been a busy time:

  • I started a new dental practice in January, which took a ton of time to get going, and still requires a lot of work.
  • I auditioned my dental probiotic, “Orchestra”, for Shark Tank on March 30th. That took me several weeks to prepare.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make the Shark Tank cut. But I learned a lot.

Anyway, I have some interesting information to share with you.

One of my patients came into the office worried about his son, who was in the hospital with infective endocarditis (infected lining epithelium and valves of the heart).


The physicians said that the son’s heart became infected from dental bacteria.
So, the father asked me how to keep their toothbrushes clean, because he had heard that bacteria can get onto toothbrushes from flushing the toilet.

I told him that the quantity and types of microbes on toothbrushes is insignificant compared to the 20 billion germs that live in dental plaque, and the 100 billion germs the plaque bacteria spew out into saliva every 24 hours — about 70 billion of which are produced overnight, every night, for your entire life.


I also told him that people with gingivitis and gum disease have inflamed and infected gums by definition, and that about 70% of people have at least some form of gingivitis or gum disease. And that these inflamed and infected gums are the “portal” between the mouth pathogens and the rest of the body.

In other words, inflamed and infected gums are the oral/systemic link. See below:


So, my patient’s son probably got gingivitis bacteria into his heart through inflamed and infected gums, and most likely not the toothbrush. in fact, the American Heart Association states that people can get bacteria in their bloodstream thought their infected, inflamed gums, just by chewing — gum or food or fingernails, etc.!

And furthermore, these gum disease germs produce bad, sulfurous smells.

Which is why you wake up with morning breath — you grow 70 billion microbes in your mouth overnight, and 10.5 billion of those are stinky, periodontal disease microbes.

To give you an idea of the vast amount of organisms you have in your mouth —
Earth holds about 7.5 billion people at present:


And the Milky Way contains between 100 billion and 400 billion stars:


Just for fun, scientists recently calculated the number of bacteria in the average human adult male: 39 trillion!

And the number of human cells in the average human adult male: 30 trillion!

And to give you another rush — the observable universe contains about 2 trillion GALAXIES.



So, the average number of BACTERIA in an adult human male is 19.5 times more than the number of GALAXIES in the observable universe, and the number of human cells is 15 times more than the number of observable GALAXIES!!

Now, during the day, your mouth microbes grow sporadically. Because you hassle them with oral hygiene, chewing gum, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

​But overnight your mouth microbes grow exponentially, and many of those germs are bad.

Therefore, why not grow billions of good microbes overnight to compete against the  bad germs that cause gum problems, AND STINK.

This way, you can awaken with fresh breath because you fought bad germs all night automatically.

So, why not get yourself some Orchestra Dental Probiotics and fight morning breath overnight while fighting the germs that cause gum problems, and you’ll also be breaking the oral/systemic link.

And you can get a kiss without fear and embarrassment. And that’s priceless!


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Owner at Steven J. Edwards, DDS Dental Corp, DBA Teeth for Life --
Inventor/Developer of Breathific Dental Probiotics
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BA Biology, 1981 at University of the Pacific --
AA Dental Laboratory Technology 1979 at Cuyahoga Community College


  1. I started waking up at night with my mouth wide open. It was something new. I rinsed with salt water or hydrogen peroxide but still I suffered. Then I developed swollen glands in my neck for over six months. I was feeling really run down. My physician and dentist could not find the source and treated me with oral antibiotics which just gave me a fungal infection and made matters worse. Then I came across your product; and thought it sounded far better than Biotene which is just rinsed away immediately. So I gave it a try for 30days and the infection started to subside. I felt a lot better. So I re ordered more Orchestra Dental Probiotics although it is quite expensive. The hint you emailed ie just use half a tablet per night.. worked and that saved me money. I am almost over the swollen glands and my daily struggle for normal energy levels. I still have to rest during the day but whatever I had and was affecting different organs one by one, seems to be going away. I am so grateful for the Dental Probiotics!!
    Thank you Thank you!!!

    1. Dear Ms. Cerisano,

      Thank you for your kind review. It makes me feel great that I can help people over the internet without having to drill them, or treat them in my office. Dental prevention means more to me than all the crowns and fillings and treatment I have ever done. The ability to help people help themselves is my ultimate goal, and it looks like I am making progress in that endeavor.

      Best regards. Dr. Steve Edwards

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