An Interesting Thing Happened at Our Christmas Party – and Thereafter…

Christmas Party 2016

Christmas Party 2016

Here’s our office Christmas party at Romeo Cucina Restaurant in Laguna Beach, CA. (The grizzled-looking guy with the gray goatee and silver hair is me. Unfortunately, I had an uncontrollable urge to blink at the exact snap of the camera shutter.)

Anyway, for a short time during the party, the discussion centered on my dental probiotic, Orchestra™. My assistant told me that recently her sister had been suffering a gum problem on her lower left teeth, so she had given her sister some of my Orchestra™ Dental Probiotics to see if it would help. After two days of use, the sister’s gum problem had subsided. Of course, I don’t believe it truly “cured” the gum problem, but my assistant verified that it did help with the symptoms. My assistant said she will bring her sister in soon to see me and evaluate her gums, but for now she’s happy just using the probiotics.

That bit of information was a nice Christmas present for me and it made my night. Knowing that I can help people by using dental probiotics and without having to physically treat them is a great feeling. Orchestra™ has been on the market for only a few months and I am getting more and more reports about how it is helping people with various dental problems – bad breath, sore throat, gum problems, dry mouth, and more.

So, that got me thinking about a test I might be able to do with my probiotic.

See all those wine bottles in the photo? We had a lot of fun and drank “some” wine. Because alcohol causes dehydration, you should consume at least a glass of water for every glass of wine, beer, or shot of liquor – which I decided not do this night (on purpose). I was going to see if I could cause myself to get a dry mouth. Even though I have developed two products that help with dry mouth (XyliMelts in 2008, and now Orchestra™ in 2016), and I am a nocturnal mouth breather, I don’t suffer from dry mouth. Therefore, I thought it might be useful to try to actually experience a dry mouth like others experience it for real.

I didn’t drink any water at the restaurant, and after I got home I still didn’t drink any water. I watched a movie with my wife, and we went to bed – still no water.

At about 3 am I awoke from a fitful sleep. My mouth was as dry as Death Valley at noon. My tongue felt like a hardened loaf of stale, dry, French bread knocking around on my teeth. The roof of my mouth and my cheeks were cardboard. Even my throat was dry and slightly raw. I couldn’t go back to sleep. It was bad experience.

I laid there for 30 minutes contemplating the crappiness of the entire feeling so I could understand it more and write a better blog post about it later. By 3:30 am I couldn’t take the lousy feeling anymore and I was concerned that I might suffer a real sore throat and become sick.

So, I got up and grabbed a bottle of my Orchestra™ Dental Probiotics and popped one lozenge into my stale, pasty, cardboardy, dry mouth. Somehow, just doing that triggered a little saliva to flow. I worked the lozenge around inside my mouth for a minute to dissolve the lozenge’s outer surface and distribute its residue evenly. I thought about taking a swig of water to help to rehydrate a little, but this was a test and I was on a mission, so I didn’t use any water.

I laid back down and waited to see what would happen. Within 5 minutes my mouth was feeling somewhat soothed and the cardboard feeling was waning. My tongue was not a hard loaf of French bread anymore. After about 10 minutes my mouth was fine, and my parched throat was barely sore any more. The next thing I knew, I awoke at 5:30 am (my usual time) feeling good. The lozenge had dissolved into a soft lump of probiotic gel on my gums above my upper right molars. So, I got up and started writing this blog post while the experience was fresh on my mind.

I suppose if I had a true dry mouth condition, with very little saliva, I would have needed to supplement with a swig of water to get the probiotic dissolving. Nevertheless, I was surprised how quickly my uncomfortable mouth feeling improved after just a few minutes of use.

In summary, because Orchestra™ Dental Probiotics is so new, I’m excited and happy to receive feedback that it’s helping more and more people, including me.

Cheers, and Seasons Greetings!

Dr. Steve Edwards


To help everyone even more, I’m going to open a private Facebook group so Orchestra™ users can share their experiences. My next email will be to share the Facebook group link with you.


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